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In this project, we had the opportunity to support the educational startup Sdui with their iOS, Android and Webapp for schools. Sdui is a revolutinary platform for more synergy between educators, parents and students.




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Sdui - course planner

An excerpt of our collaboration with Sdui

Schools frequently face the challenge of planning schedules for classes and teachers. To do so, planers need to keep in mind a myriad of dependencies, legal regulations and preferences - not an easy task.

Together with Sdui, we tackled this problem and systematically developed a tool that takes over and automates a majority of the work.

Understanding the workflows

First, we conducted a series of structured interviews with educators, being in charge of drafting schedules and substitution-plans. This enabled us to understand the tasks and workflows in great detail. Quickly, we realized that the requirements for the software would be vastly different, depending on the type of school. For example, a primary school's needs would differ greatly from those of a vocational school. One of the main differences was the planning rhythm. For that reason, we decided to enable the user to adjust the course planner to individual requirements.

Planning courses

Each course consists of certain properties, which we utilized in the course planner to automate and speed up planning as much as possible:

  • Name of the class
  • Teacher's shorthand symbol
  • Starting- and ending times
  • Classroom

To plan a course, the user selects a time slot in the overview with a click and fills out the names of the class, the teacher and the course.

Each entry will be auto-completed from already existing entries. If a course is recurring, it will appear in the list. Accordingly, previously created courses will be filtered with each input until it is evident that the user wants to create a new course.

If this is the case, the user is led through the necessary creation process.

Finally, the classroom needs to be selected. Since the main attributes of a course (class, teacher, and course name) typically don't change, it made sense to place room-selection at the end of the process.

If for example we would want to plan an additional time slot for a history course (L G1) by Mr. Rahmsdorf (RHA) for class 7a, we only need to enter the following input:

  • Click on an empty cell
  • 7a is already preselected - input: L G1 (short name for the history course)
  • List is filtered and a confirmation with the return key is sufficient
  • The previous room A103 is already filled in - it only needs to be changed if the room has changed, which is rarely the case. If needed, a list of classrooms is displayed, which can also be filtered.

The process is further simplified by the extensive logic in the background. Invisible for the user, but still noticable:

  • Available teachers are displayed according to assigned attributes
  • Only available classrooms are displayed
  • Only teachers, who teach the selected subject are displayed
  • All data is already filled in if possible, to minimize unnecessary inputs
  • All interactions happen in place at the right time: no useless buttons or complex navigation structures need to be displayed.

Take Away

Naturally, we tested this concept with users and improved upon it afterwards. Within a week, the development team at Sdui had swiftly implemented this first version.

This resulted in happy customers, who now have a tool at their disposal which simplifies the otherwise tedious task of planning lessons. It helps them to save time and to avoid mistakes. Sdui was able to quickly develop and release a product that is perfectly tuned to the demands of its users.

In our opinion, this is a great example of modern software development.

Thank you Sdui Team - it was fun working with you!

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