UXEDO - Tailored Digitalization

About us

We are working for a meaningful digital world

With our expertise in psychology, design and software development, we advocate for the needs of the end consumer. We see ourselves as the link between Managers and Developers. We speak both their specific languages fluently and are happy to translate.

Smiling users make our hearts leap for joy and are the biggest motivator for our daily mental work. We won't rest until the product seems simple because all complexity has become invisible.

The Team

Raffael Kaminski

Geschäftsführer / Inhaber

Ilias Manolis

UI / UX Designer

Nora Loos

UI / UX Designer

Benjamin Gansert

UI / UX Designer

We use our experience to help you find answers, save time and money, and to identify the optimum amount of features for your target group.