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UX Design Concepts, Mockups, Protoypes & Usability Testing

As a part of your team, we'll deliver a meaningful product to your customers that provides the optimum amount of features and the best usability possible.

Developing a new product or redesigning an existing one?

With you customers in mind, we'll elaborate the ideal development plan.

Let's find out what really matters to your customers!

As Psychologists and Designers, we ask the right questions early on, learn from customers and incorporate these learnings to improve our concepts.

Wireframes - an early hands-on for your product

  • 1
    We'll create a concept, based on the provided information and learnings.
  • 2
    You'll be provided with a quickly visualized basis for your decisions.

Mockups - realistic, without any code

  • 1
    Save on time and development costs - experience the look and feel of your product early on.
  • 2
    We validate our assumptions with usability testing and user feedback.
  • 3
    Root out any doubts for a clear and precise roadmap.

We meet technical challenges together, as part of your development team.

So that your customers can get their hands on the completed product earlier...

and won't want to put it down again.

Pave the way to optimal user experience:

Step 1

Book a meeting with us.

Step 2

Allow us to tailor the perfect plan for you.

Step 3

Let's tackle that plan together.

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References - some work examples

MGS Meine Gesundheit GmbH – MGS ePortal

Digital platform for private Insurance

In collaboration with five of the biggest private insurance companies in Germany, we lend our support to MGS Meine Gesundheit GmbH to help develop their new ePortal.

  • 5 of Germany's biggest private insurance companies
  • 3.500.000 million insured persons
View the MGS Case

Sdui GmbH – iOS, Android and Webapp

Platform for educators, parents and students

In this project, we had the opportunity to support the educational startup Sdui with their iOS, Android and Webapp for schools. Sdui is a revolutinary platform for more synergy between educators, parents and students.

  • Over 300 schools use SDUI
  • 100.000+ App Users
View the SDUI Case

Customer Voices

Working with UXEDO was easy and good from the get go. Especially while conceptualizing new products and redesigning existing ones, it is essential to have an experienced and reliable partner, who is able to work with established styleguides and adjusts them to the current circumstances.

Martin Klöckner
Product Manager MGS GmbH

With their experience, UXEDO helped us to evolve our design system and to keep up with the latest UX-standards. Especially in questions regarding concepts, they were of great help to us. The collaboration was always very fair.

Timo Stosius
Head of Marketing and Design Sdui GmbH